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עגילים משובצים מטבע כד עגול

עגילים משובצים מטבע כד עגול

380.00 ₪מחיר


עגילים משובצים מטבע כד עגול 

 בצפוי זהב 18 קראט ללא ניקל

קוטר המטבע - 1.2 ס"מ

גימור- מט

שיבוץ של זירקון לבן.

This classy, round gold dangly earrings are the perfect accessory for a romantic evening out or for everyday use. brushed finish, they give an elegant touch to your appearance.
The Amphora engraving is a symbol from ancient coins of Judea.
So these earrings link the past and present, making it a trendy pair of studs.

Those unique crafted earrings have a luminous finish that adds glamour to any look. 
Gift them as an anniversary present, a birthday gift for your bestie, a thoughtful gift for mom - or better yet, gift them to yourself!

Amphora symbol based upon engraving of 10 Prutah coin which stands for the olive oil, one of the seven species of the holy-land, mentioned in the bible. 
The engraved amphora symbol is so rich in history and symbolism which represent fruitfulness and abundance.

Material: 1.5 micron goldplated brass.Nickel free.
Rustic finish, with amphora engraving. White CZ set
Diameter: 1.2 cm (0.47")    thickness: 2.7 mm (0.1")



  • Details

    Hammered ewer dangling earrings.Diameter: 1 cm. total length:2.5cm
    18 kt gold plated brass. Posts 18 kt gold plated silver
  • creation time

    Please allow 14 working days for creating this handmade item.

  • הכנה

      זמן הכנה- עד 14 ימי עבודה.


    אם נדרש קודם- אנא בדקו עמי אם אפשרי

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